Mission Statement

Four Winds Ranch Recovery Center’s mission is to provide the highest level of professional care in the area of alcohol and other drug dependence including co-occurring disorders to adolescent females ages 14 to 18. Our primary goal and objective is to provide a comprehensive, holistic, and individualized treatment program designed to maximize the recovery potential for each young woman who suffers from the disease of addiction and the life damaging behaviors that accompany the disease. Our hope for each young woman is to achieve recovery as evidenced by abstinence from mood altering substances, increased self-awareness, serenity, spirituality, and a sense of self-worth.

Facility and organizational documents are available upon request.

Key Principles

Abstinence ~
It is our belief that a recovering individual must abstain from all mood altering chemicals, even those that were not a problem in the past.

New life coping skills ~
Recovery involves abstinence, “working a program,” and learning to live a successful and productive life.

Stabilization ~
The recovering individual will need assistance in the internalization of focus and structure.

Academic success ~
In today’s world, education is an important base for success. High school and college degrees open a wide range of job opportunity.

Integration of information ~
It’s very important for the young person in recovery to be able to use the information gained in treatment and the 12-Step program. This is a specific skill development.

Responsibility ~
it is important for the recovering young person to take responsibility for personal action. We present the young person with challenges that allow development of responsibility.

Fellowship ~
There was a time in the life of each recovering person that he or she did not know anyone who used. Then there was a time that he or she knew no one who did not use. To insure recovery, the individual must make responsible decisions about the people, places, and things in their life.

Resolution ~
It is our belief that our work in recovery should be kept simple and basic. However, many recovering individuals have issues related to past trauma that often interfere with ongoing recovery efforts. We have specially trained staff who can address these issues while remaining focused on overall recovery.

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