Residential Drug Treatment

Four Winds Recovery Center provides a 90 day residential drug treatment program for adolescent females ages 14-18. Our program is client-centered and involves a holistic approach to treating the teen’s addiction.

We assist our teens in developing a healthy chemical-free lifestyle as well we help them to develop the necessary tools to connect with positive support groups upon discharge. It is of the utmost importance that our girls do not return to the same lifestyle as before. When teens return to the same old friends doing the same old things their likelihood of success drops dramatically.

It is absolutely essential that each client be assessed for strengths and possible barriers to recovery. Our substance abuse professionals will assess your teen to ensure that all his needs are met.

Individual Counseling
Four Wind’s comprehensive drug treatment services provide individual counseling services to all our clients by licensed and highly trained substance abuse professionals. The goal of these sessions is to explore the client’s mindset that prompts using as well as relapse. By assisting our teenagers in recognizing what leads to relapse, our treatment program offers an effective solution to ensure long term drug and alcohol recovery.

Therapeutic Group
Our clients also attend therapeutic group sessions as part of our residential drug treatment program. This helps them to identify with peers struggling with recovery as well. It also affords them the ability to bond and create a temporary support group which will later be essential to prevent relapse.

Family Sessions
An essential aspect to ensure long term sobriety and successful drug and alcohol recovery is to involve the family. We offer supportive services for all family members. We have found that addressing the client’s addiction with his immediate family helps all involved to recover and bond as they walk the journey of recovery together.

When working with school age teenagers it is absolutely essential to ensure there is as little disruption as possible in their education. That is why we employ a full-time teaching staff that is on-site 5 days a week. Our girls regularly not only keep pace, but actually catch up where applicable while they are enrolled in our residential program. Often times our clients leave our program and go directly to high school graduation.

For more information on our admissions process or if you would like more information regarding the structure of our program please contact an admissions specialists by calling one of our outreach offices:

Oklahoma City:  405-848-9393

Little Rock, AR:  501-221-2009